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Abaton Consulting brings website design services and digital media together into a complete and affordable Internet marketing solutions package for your small business or non-profit. The combination of a thoughtfully designed WordPress content management system (CMS), evocative imagery, and stunning videography creates a visually engaging and memorable online experience.

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Online Marketing

Your website is an essential component of your online marketing and branding activities. Whether you are driving traffic to your site via online marketing with Google, Facebook, or Twitter advertising, email marketing campaigns, SMS (text) messaging or using more traditional methods such as newspaper, television, radio, coupons, etc, visitors will be able to access a wealth of information about who you are and what your business does.

Website Design and Digital Media Portfolio

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Where are you focusing your online marketing efforts?

A recent report (source: eMarketer/Smart Insights) shows that Internet usage on mobile devices has eclipsed usage over desktop and laptop devices.  What does this mean to you?  It means that your business and your website need to be able to reach your target audience through mobile search or mobile display.  Your website needs to be responsive and adapt to a variety of viewing formats with an emphasis on connecting with mobile users.  If you are not ready for your mobile customer, you may lose their business before they ever walk through your door.

  • Time spent on mobile devices 51%
  • Time spent on desktop/laptop 42%
  • Time spent on other devices 7%

Website Features

Your custom designed website provides a number of benefits including the following:

  • Contact information – People are looking for your business and contact information online. Without a website, you are virtually invisible to potential new customers and you are making it difficult for existing customers to connect with your business. By having your contact information available and highly visible, your customers can quickly find you and utilize the products and services you offer.
  • Tell your story – Current and future customers want to know about you…they want to know your “story.” With a website from Abaton Consulting, you are in full control of the message you share online. Together, we will combine text, images, video, and an assortment of website features into a complete marketing portfolio so you can share your story.
  • Introduce your customers to your products and services – Your website serves as an online product brochure with capabilities well beyond those of a traditional printed brochure.  Your online catalog and business information is readily available and quickly updated with the latest information about the products and services your business provides.  No need for the additional expense of detailed paper brochures or waiting on the printer to get your promotional items ready for distribution.  All of your business and product information is available on your website and only a click away.
  • Serve as a hub for all of your online and print communications – Drive traffic from all other resources to a single resource where you are in full control of the information and engagement environment. Online advertising, print, email, and referral traffic all go to the same location.
  • Engage desktop and mobile users – A responsive and “mobile-focused” website allows you to effectively communicate with customers regardless of the devices they use to access the Internet.  You will have a rich and engaging experience for both your desktop and mobile users.
  • Share rich content through website pages and blog posts – Electronic media has an advantage over traditional marketing resources.  Your website is able to combine print, photography, video, and audio into a rich and engaging online experience. Using this multi-faceted electronic medium, website designers and owners serve content that resonates with the customer.
  • Provide a platform for your e-commerce activities – Online purchases are critical to many types of businesses.  By having the capabilities to sell goods and services online, you are able to serve customers outside of the traditional brick and mortar environment and have an edge on the competition.

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